Fast Degrading State of Himalyan Environment.

The word Himalaya is union of the two words ‘Him + Alaya’ meaning the home of snow and glaciers. Himalaya is considered as water tower of the world. However, state of environment of Himalaya during the past sixty two years has been fast degrading resulting into depletion of natural sources of water and consequently ever increasing short fall of drinking and irrigation water for the people living in the Himalayan region. Large number of earlier found ‘Ghrats ‘(flour mills) have been completely closed down due to shortage of water in the rivers /streams.

Besides, due to global warming, Constant forest fires in the Himalaya and devastating environmental conditions, Himalayan glaciers are squeezing in size by melting. This has resulted into climatic changes including change in rain pattern affecting the Indian agriculture adversely. The overall impact of all these could be seen in drying up of mountains and gradual disappearance of vegetation on them and many of these are reaching a stage of nakedness. Thousands of ‘khals’ pokhers (ponds) which were earlier fed by rain water and were providing drinking water to the animals have completely disappeared. Due to lack of drinking water and fodder animal wealth has been declining alarmingly so much so that milching animals are now found here for name sake due to which the availability of milk has reached to a dangerous low stage.

Keeping in view of the present day state of all-round degradation of Himalayan environment encompassing from the state of Jammu & Kashmir

The society will endevour to achieve these objectives through its following three tyre functional formations.